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New Profile Posts

  1. gamerbro1
    gamerbro1 BluhhBluhhTom
    do normal i paid 5 euro and i revieve this make a new havk plzz
  2. starballoon
    starballoon Pitty
    If it makes you feel any better you can still get some gta accounts for 3 dollars and also Tom is working with another individual on this menu called Hydrogen, so if you are interested, you can go there! Sorry and thank you!
  3. starballoon
    starballoon Pitty
    listen, I got your reply the other day, I just wanted to let you know that I as an old moderator am truly sorry for your experience. I also got my 2 year old legit account banned, and it is truly sad and I know that feeling.
  4. M.D
    M.D BluhhBluhhTom
    To let you all know right now, Tom has discontinued Sirius and is no longer updating or supporting the mod menu anymore. Please do not ask any questions about the mod menu or any new ones because he will not answer. Thank you!
  5. xDestroyer354
  6. 1459745494
  7. ZenziCode
    Nice meme mod rip
  8. AlexanderGorbachev
  9. AlexanderGorbachev
  10. AlexanderGorbachev
    AlexanderGorbachev BluhhBluhhTom
    new menu??? give pls...
  11. 2JZ
  12. reason
    reason 2JZ
    did u have driver license already kid? :) or u r just fckng slave? :)) u crying for 5euros? :D lol poor stupid assfck
    1. 2JZ
      Lmao, your English is shit, and you're salty as fuck. I don't care about the money, I care about the fact that they fucked off when T2 called them out. So fuck out of here you old ass weeb with your shitty fucking English lmao..
      Jun 18, 2017
      ZenziCode likes this.
  13. xu8
  14. xu8
  15. KanaNugetti1337
    KanaNugetti1337 BluhhBluhhTom
    I keep getting the error -2146697211 all the time.
    Im on a windows 8.1 64bit machine, would love a fix :P
  16. Cristobal Caminero
  17. AlexanderGorbachev
    не работает .. покупал до V6 Бета. теперь снова покупать???
  18. AlexanderGorbachev
    не работает.. покупал до V6 Beta.
  19. TheSlydee
    whats going on with SIrius ?
  20. Mellowww